Wednesday, 25 July 2012

5 Commandments of Internal Branding

The first commandment is, treat the company like a brand; one that needs to be launched, built up and sustained.
 Two, it’s important to be consistent. The tone of voice has to remain the same. It has to treat the employee with total respect. And most of all, if you can’t sustain it, it is better not to launch it.
Three, it has to reach deep. Even a fleeting good feeling (forget long-lasting motivation) about the company has to spring from within each individual. No amount of force or noise can change a perception unless it’s honest and pronounced in an atmosphere of caring.
Four, don’t try too hard. People suspect an invisible, deeper agenda to any communication, especially if it’s sweet-sounding. Everyone is resistant to hard-sell.
Five, try innovating with the medium. When everyone’s tired of posters, try a dangler. Or something that wobbles from the wall. Surprise and freshness are the keys.

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